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Creating Value

Avalor Investment AG is one of the
leading wealth managers in Switzerland.


Creating value

Avalor Investment AG is one of the leading independent wealth managers in Switzerland. We offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of investment management, consolidation/reporting and counseling to individuals and families. Since our founding in 2005, clients have entrusted us with the care of CHF 2 billion in assets. Please contact us for a personal meeting, should you be interested in finding out more about how we can create value for you.

Our services

We help you achieve your personal investment goals.

Defining a personal global investment strategy, managing portfolios of assets at the banking custodian of the client’s choice (…)

Verification and control of all banking statements, clear and comprehensive overview of all asset pools taking into consideration all banking relationships (…)

Comprehensive wealth analysis, taking into account the client’s individual situation, definition of long-term investment profile (…)